Check out Part 2 of our website review for artist Jodi Ohl to get tips and tricks you can implement on your own website to get more customers.

The advice here by StoryBrand Certified Guide in Charleston, SC, Pamela Cisneros, will help Jodi Ohl focus her website to attract more customers.   It also gives them specific guidance about how to lay out the sections of the website in a way that will help customers understand why they should buy ala StoryBrand, including:

  • Making sure the Home page can ‘pass the grunt test‘:
    • Clear and concise statement of what is being offered
    • Outlining how buying the product will make the customer’s life better
    • Providing an obvious call to action in a prominent place
  • Image depicting success so the prospective customer can envision themself benefitting from the product
  • Breaking product information out of paragraph text and into bullets that are easy to scan
  • Adding testimonials from past customers
  • Using a lead-generator to more effectively grow her email list instead of ‘Subscribe to My Newsletter’