VIP Marketing Intensive: Move Forward… Faster

An Exclusive, Immersive 2-Day Marketing Blitz
to kickstart your results with dedicated creative energy

High Impact
Get It Done FAST!

Your Marketing Needs An Overhaul! But…

Done-For-You Retainers Just Aren’t For You

It takes too long to meet your goals or isn’t in your budget.

DIY Isn’t Moving The Needle

What you’re doing isn’t working. It’s too sporadic and you just aren’t seeing the results you need.

Spinning Your Wheels Is Exhausting

You’re marketing is okay, but you know it could be SO much better. You’re just not sure how to get there.

Stellar Marketing Isn’t Your
Genius Zone

Your team doesn’t have the bandwidth or the specialized know-how to do what you know needs to be done.

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Get From Zero to Hero… in 2 Days!


about your target audience and how to effectively attract and engage them


you can use for all of your marketing assets & channels



for your elevator pitch, social media profiles, email signature, website, business card and more!



concept and title for a compelling asset to attract and engage prospective customers



layout with full copy written ready to hand off to design!



simple, clear marketing plan condensed to a single page to use as your roadmap to move forward fast

A VIP Marketing Intensive Is A No-Brainer!

  • Easier Than Continuing to Work A ‘Plan’ That Isn’t Working
  • Quicker Than Retainers
  • More Efficient & Effective Than DIY
  • Oh SO satisfying & rewarding!

Envision Day 3 & Beyond

  • Your team is crystal clear on your messaging and shares it with a unified voice
  • Your website attracts your ideal customers and engages them until they buy
  • Your marketing strategy makes your customer the hero which differentiates your brand and products
  • Sales calls flow with ease because your prospects already trust you and understand your value
  • Hitting your revenue goals isn’t a concern anymore

How It Works:

TIMELINE for VIP Marketing Intensive


Securing your spot:

Pay your deposit and claim your date. Get excited!


VIP Pre-Assessment (-2 weeks):

This is the hardest part, but it will be worth it!   We’ll ask you to give us about 90 minutes of your time to complete some pre-intensive homework to gives us a head start.  You’ll answer some questions — about your goals, what’s worked, what hasn’t — and gather marketing assets and other documents so we can hit the ground running.


Kickoff Call (-1 week):

We’ll spend up to 2 hours meeting your team, reviewing your assessment, going over questions (yours and ours!), and setting expectations for your 2-day intensive.


VIP Day 1

We’ll take you through a fun and enlightening journey to tease out the secret sauce for stellar messaging. After a yummy, healthy lunch and some R&R time, we’ll unveil your Attention Hook and the draft of your new Home page. You’ll wrap up feeling clear, confident and more excited about your marketing than you have been in years! Rest up tonight, we’re not done!


VIP Day 2

After your relaxing evening, we’ll to review and refine your Home page to get it design-ready. Next we’ll map out your Marketing Blueprint giving you the roadmap you need to hit the ground running when you get back home. You’ll leave with a clear direction of next steps and more confident in your marketing than you ever thought possible.


Follow-Up Coaching Call

2 Weeks after your intensive, we’ll have a 60-minute call to review progress, answers questions, get feedback, map out next steps


Post-Intensive Support

You’ll have unlimited email support and 15-minute SOS calls for a full 30 days after your coaching call! We’re here to ensure your team keeps the momentum going.

Hey There, VIP!

Pamela Cisneros StoryBrand Certified Guide

I’m Pamela Cisneros

Founder and CEO of Zafari.  I’m excited to dedicate my 20 years experience running a marketing agency, over 6 as a StoryBrand Certified Guide and several as a Certified 1-Page Marketing Plan coach, to give you the VIP treatment.   Let’s spend 2 whole days in a deep dive of your brand, to cut through all the confusion and emerge with a crystal clear core brand story that will boost your confidence and engage your audience.

I’m Christopher Cisneros

the other half of the dynamic duo that founded Zafari.  Clear communication is my superpower and I look forward to focusing my full attention on helping your brand create a message that will skyrocket your growth.  Let’s do this!


Is A VIP Marketing Intensive Right For You?

This isn’t for everyone. If you’re on the fence, let’s see if it’s for you:

It’s NOT for you if you:

Have a super tight budget

Like to cut corners

Can’t (or won’t) make time to put in the work

Have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them

Are certain you already know what you need to know to grow your brand

It IS for you if you:

Want quick results AND are willing & able to invest the necessary resources (time, money & talent)

Are decisive! The buck stops with you [no other approval needed]

Think a 2 Day off-site retreat with the right team members to get massive high-impact results sounds like FUN!

Committed to going all in and ensure your team will engage & execute

You Might Be Wondering….

Why is it called a VIP Intensive?

We call it a VIP Marketing Intensive because the Zafari team will dedicate all of our time and creative energy completely on YOU!  Together we will retreat from the rest of the world to shut out distractions and focus intensely on getting your brand’s marketing foundation where it needs to be for your growth goals.

Okay, how can you do this so fast?

Hey, we’ve been around this block a few hundred times!  We know what matters and what doesn’t.  We know how to cut through the noise with laser focus and get to the core of what will grab your audience’s attention and keep it.  Typically in traditional projects the delays in between sessions causes clients to lose a little steam and unnecessarily drags out the process.  By striking while the iron’s hot, we can shortcut straight to the deliverables that will skyrocket your brand to success.

Who needs to be involved from my team?

All of the key decision makers regarding your company’s sales and marketing should be included, but no one else.  The fewer cooks in the kitchen the better.  Depending on your organizational size and structure that might include CEO, President, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales and similar key players.

Where will this happen?

Great question!  We find it’s SUPER important that you leave your normal working environment to get the most from a VIP Marketing Intensive.  This should be a retreat from your everyday operations so that you can step back and get invaluable distance and perspective.  For this reason, we recommend you travel to our location in gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina [foodie heaven!  amazing beaches!  beauty abounds!] for a refreshing, high-impact getaway. 

If that’s simply not possible for your team, we can come to you.  Travel expenses are NOT included and will be quoted separately.  In this scenario, we do ask that you secure an OFFSITE meeting location to ensure your ability to fully focus and get the most out of our time together.

What is the investment for a VIP Marketing Intensive?

The full 2-day intensive experience including follow-up coaching calls is $15,000

What if we need more support after the VIP Marketing Intensive?

Don’t worry!  After your intensive, we’ll stay in touch on a follow-up coaching call and you’ll have 30 days of support for anything that comes up.  You’ll have the option to jump into our Marketing Coaching program for longer term support and/or to engage our Done-for-You services to design and build your website.  

What if I need to cancel?

Since we are clearing our busy calendars just for you, we can’t accept any cancellations after you’ve booked. BUT! If you notify us at least 7 business days before your originally scheduled session, we can reschedule your VIP Day for another time within 30 days of the original date.

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