Truth be told, NOBODY wants to read your newsletter!  Except maybe your grandmother…

Now, before you get upset, hear me out. I’m sure your newsletter contains engaging, valuable content that is really meaningful and useful to your reader, right?

Great! Because announcements like new employees and other company “news” doesn’t really matter to prospective customers. In today’s overmessaged world, if it doesn’t directly impact how they can survive and thrive – e.g. improve their life – they simply don’t have time for it.

But even if your newsletter DOES contain relevant information, the call to action “Sign-up for Our Newsletter” is hardly compelling. Instead, give your newsletter a meaningful name and invite people based on the value they will receive. Examples include:

* Money-saving tips for parents
* Save time with these healthy cooking hacks
* 5-minute daily tips to a better relationship with your spouse
* Weekly discount specials

See how these titles are WAY more attractive than reading a ‘newsletter’?

If you currently offer a newsletter, how can you change the title to make it more engaging and compelling to prospective readers?