Does your website header on your Home page provide a clear and concise statement of what you offer? If not, you’re missing sales.

Most website copy assumes it’s obvious to visitors what the company sells. Unfortunately, this is a risky assumption to make if you’re trying to acquire and engage new customers.

Your website visitors are busy. They are overwhelmed by information coming at them faster than their brains can handle. They have no choice but to TUNE OUT everything that doesn’t clearly communicate how it can help them get what they want or solve a problem they have.

Don’t expect your website visitors to expend their precious brain power trying to decipher the riddle of your ‘clever’ website copy or menu items. If it’s confusing – aka buried in prose, full of acronyms and insider lingo, or vague – it will be too much work and they’ll move on to your competitor’s site.

Do yourself a favor – edit your website’s Home page today from the perspective of making it as easy and clear as possible so that prospective customers can quickly understand how you are the right solution for them.