When someone asks you what you do at a networking event, how effective is your response?

Do their eyes glaze over at about the 5th word? Do they start looking over your shoulder?

If so, try creating a One-Liner for business instead. A One-Liner is a film-industry term used to sum up a movie pitch in just a few compelling sentences to get people excited to see it.

To get people excited about your business, answer these three questions in this order:

1 – Who is your customer and what’s the pain point you help them resolve?

Make it clear, relatable and specific, like this:

“Busy parents don’t have time to make a healthy dinner so they end up ordering takeout or eating processed stuff from boxes and cans.”

2 – What’s your unique solution to that pain point?

Make it different than other solutions they’ve tried before or your competitor might offer:

“So I deliver ready-to-eat wholesome frozen dinners at an affordable weekly price.”

3 – How does your customer’s life look after their pain is resolved?

Describe the transformation that will be possible when that pain goes away:

“Knowing dinner is covered, parents can relax and enjoy time with their family.”

What’s your One-Liner?

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