It’s easier for people to trust you to be their guide if you have a plan. Even if they have already identified you as the guide who can help them get to their desired state, they still need more from you before they are comfortable buying.

Why? Because this is the point where they are at risk. By making a purchase, they could lose money, time, respect or more. So this is when they are going to make excuses. Most often, they will say to themselves “This is too confusing” or “This is too hard to understand right now” or “I’ll deal with this later” and so they will put off the buying decision.

The purpose of a simple plan, then, is to help the customer know how easy it is to work with you. When you break down the price of working with you into a few simple steps, prospects will be less intimidated and more likely to take that first step forward.

What plan can you offer your prospects to ease them into the buying process?