There’s no such thing as TOO cute, clever or creative in marketing, right?!

Wrong! When we try to be cute or clever or uber-creative in our marketing, we think we’re showing off our prowess and it will impress prospective customers. A few years ago (well, quite a few!) it used to be trendy to have a ‘mystery meat’ menu on your website. So instead of boring standard menu items like ‘Products’ and ‘Services’, there wouldn’t be any words at all! There would be icons or images and the visitor had to hover or click to figure out what was what. Even worse sometimes the menu items weren’t even on the top or left of the website, but would be spread randomly across the entire home page!

No matter how cute and clever you may think something like this is, to your visitors it’s just plain confusing. And people HATE feeling confused!

It’s always better to err on the side of clarity, over cute and clever. You can sprinkle those in here and there, but only AFTER you are sure you have been crystal clear.