A lot of people really dislike ‘Marketing’. It feels phony and manipulative because they view it as trying to convince people to buy.

But instead of thinking of marketing as trying to ‘sell’ something, try reframing it to ‘helping people solve a problem’ instead. Doesn’t that feel better?

StoryBrand Marketing

By turning your focus from what you sell to the problem you helping people to solve from their perspective, your marketing can be transformed to be far more compelling to prospects.    When you recraft your message from this perspective, make sure you are addressing a problem that your prospects actually feel and resonate with, rather than a problem you think they have but just don’t know it.

The StoryBrand messaging framework is a tool we use at Zafari to do just this.  By mapping out a customer’s story from their perspective and focused around the problem they are experiencing that is causing them pain, the marketing message comes to life and engages prospects.  When this is implemented throughout the StoryBrand Marketing Checklist into a sales funnel [which includes a website, lead-generator and email marketing sequence], your marketing suddenly comes to life and starts attracting and engaging new customers.