Not too long ago, industrial websites often lacked the sophistication and simplicity seen in their retail counterparts. Generally, they were often cluttered with chunks of confusing text with poor placement of images.

Today, as more and more manufacturers rely on the internet for sales, the significance of a well-crafted, user-friendly website cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you’re a major B2B manufacturing company or a smaller venture, a poorly designed website can lead to lost orders and frustrated users.

Clear navigation and intuitive design help users take the desired action.

If you are looking to redesign your industrial or manufacturing website, there are many great examples around to seek inspiration. To save you time and hassles, we have handpicked some of our favorite industrial web designs featuring clean layouts, seamless navigation, and the right visuals.

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ArborGen, an agribusiness company based in South Carolina, provides forestry seedlings and support to forest landowners, consultants, and tree planters.

Their website stands out for its clear presentation of products, accompanied by stunning visuals and accessible information.

The website has used a storytelling framework strategically to provide relevant information, facts and figures to help different audience segments understand the productsโ€™ value and help them take action.

For example, one notable feature is the “You Have a Choice” section, which highlights differences with their competitors with clear percentage numbers.

Another helpful section “How to Make the Best Seedling Decision” guides the users through the process, with a strategic call to action “Get Instant Seedling Recommendations” taking them to a helpful online tool to recommend specific products based on their location, site characteristics and financial goals.

The website’s design prioritizes user experience, with easy-to-read fonts, clear text, and dropdown menus for navigation. Users can also access webinar replays directly from the homepage.

A thoughtful touch is the “Which Best Describes You?” section, catering to both newcomers and experienced landowners.


Detyens Shipyard, Inc.:


BeforeDeytens shipyard marketing

AfterDeytens shipyard marketing

Detyens Shipyard, Inc. specializes in ship repair and maintenance services, and its website has a unique and engaging design.

Unlike many websites that rely heavily on text and product images, Detyens takes a different approach. Their homepage features a visually appealing map of their facility, highlighting key service points such as the hull and pipe shop, mechanical and thruster shop, and engineer’s facilities.

This clean and concise design focuses on showcasing only essential information, catering to its target audience effectively. For a ship company in need of emergency repairs, simplicity and clarity are paramount. Detyens understands this and has crafted a website that meets the specific needs of its clientele.

By prioritizing visual clarity and key service details, Detyens Shipyard exemplifies the importance of designing a website with the target audience in mind. Their website serves as a prime example of how effective communication can be achieved without relying on excessive rhetoric or text.

No wonder this website is on our list of top industrial website designs for manufacturers!


Navy Yard:


The Navy Yard Industrial Campus offers industrial spaces tailored for businesses in the maritime, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. Their website reflects their no-nonsense approach, with a homepage banner focusing solely on the benefits of their facilities.

Instead of cluttering the page with unnecessary information, they provide a clear call-to-action inviting visitors to “Take a Tour” and explore the facility virtually. This streamlined design ensures that potential clients can quickly grasp the advantages of choosing Navy Yard for their industrial facility needs.

To further establish credibility, Navy Yard showcases video testimonials from satisfied clients. These testimonials offer firsthand accounts of the positive experiences businesses have had at their facilities, helping to build trust with prospective tenants.

Overall, Navy Yard’s website effectively communicates the value proposition of its industrial spaces while offering a seamless user experience.




BeforeMicroframe marketing

AfterMicroframe marketing

Microframe Corporation is a leader in designing and manufacturing LED Displays, catering to various industries with their range of products. Their offerings include large, industrial-grade Countdown Timers, Take-A-Number Queuing Systems, Truck Scale Remote Displays, and more LED display solutions.

Their target audience spans a wide range of sectors, including fire stations, churches, restaurants, pharmacies, DMV offices, truck scales, mining companies, and hospitals.

Microframe’s website stands out for its user-friendly design, prioritizing clarity and functionality. Upon landing on their homepage, visitors are greeted with a showcasing their products in action, providing an immediate understanding of their capabilities. This visual representation is followed by a comprehensive product listing, ensuring easy access to detailed information.

What sets Microframe’s website apart is its thoughtful categorization of products according to different industries. This strategic organization allows users to quickly navigate to the relevant section based on their specific needs.

Towards the bottom of the page, a dedicated section features all the industries that Microframe serves, further streamlining the browsing process for visitors. The simplicity of the design is tailored to suit their industrial clients.

Microframe’s website incorporates effective design principles by focusing on visual clarity, intuitive navigation, and industry-specific categorization. This user-friendly approach ensures that visitors can easily find the information they need.


Bushy Park:


Bushy Park offers plug-and-play industrial spaces equipped with utilities, infrastructure, and support services, housing numerous international industrial manufacturers.

Since most industrial spaces lease only the space itself to manufacturers, explaining the value proposition of Bushy Park requires extreme clarity.

To accomplish this, Bushy Park keeps things simple, both in their text and visuals, ensuring visitors understand their offerings clearly. Their website design plays a significant role in achieving this clarity.

A prominent “see available sites” call-to-action at the top banner invites prospects to explore the available spaces virtually.

Additionally, a “Quick Match Quiz” button directs users to a form where they can specify their requirements. It allows site selectors and potential tenants to quickly identify whether Bushy Park might be a good fit for their operations, without all the usual hassle of many back and forth communications.

In the “We Provide it All” section, Bushy Park cleverly highlights the breadth of benefits they offer, including workforce, utilities, and logistics, accompanied by informative pop-ups for each service. This approach ensures that visitors have access to detailed information while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

As a result, the website guides them seamlessly through the process of finding suitable industrial spaces and services.



By drawing inspiration from these examples, you can elevate your own industrial or manufacturing website to better cater to your customers’ needs and foster business expansion.

Creating a website for manufacturers boils down to some key factors such as clarity, ease of navigation, intuitiveness, and visuals.

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