Should you have testimonials on your website? YES!

Why? Because people only buy from companies they trust. And nothing creates a feeling of trust more than hearing how great a product or service is from another customer, someone like you.

When someone outside your business vouches for you, amazing things happen:

• You’ll create trust. When prospective customers see that other people had success with your product or service, they expect they’re likely to have the same experience.

• You’ll establish your authority. By showcasing a few customers you’ve really helped, prospects view you as a skilled expert with a history of success.

• You’ll qualify potential customers. When you do it right, prospective customers will identify with the customers in your testimonials and feel that your product or service was designed with them in mind.

Generally, it’s best to only feature about 3 – 5 testimonials on your website. Anything more starts to looks a bit phony or like you’re trying just a little bit too hard.