Asking people to buy our products or services right away doesn’t work in most cases.   Instead, most marketing campaigns do just that.  They don’t take the time to pique the audience’s curiosity and enlighten them as to how their life can be better with the product or service. As a result, they come off as too pushy and demanding. People get turned off and they stop listening. They unsubscribe.
Instead, what we really need to do in our marketing is to help our potential customers get to know and trust us over time. That way we will be top of mind when they are finally ready to take action and buy.   If you recognize that ALL relationships must go through the following high level stages [borrowed from Donald Miller of StoryBrand], you can gently guide your prospective customer down the path to buying without losing them:
1 – Curiosity
2 – Enlightenment
3 – Commitment
Whatever your offer is, if you first make me curious, then enlighten me, you’ll have a much better chance that I’ll commit.