Over 80% of your website visitors are not ready to buy.

That’s why a secondary (or transitional) Call to Action is critical. You need to be able to capture people while they are interested, so you can nurture them until they are ready to buy. How do you do this?

Building trust takes time. A transitional call to action allows you to provide an action for a customer who’s interested but not quite ready to buy. They may need just a 30-second video in order to take the next step or they may need 30 emails over a year.

In either case, you have a chance to develop the relationship until the time is right for a purchase. The transitional CTA must be something valuable enough to warrant them providing their email address, which is valued at around $20. It must have a very catchy title that speaks to a real problem they have and feel in the moment.

Here are some ideas you could use to build your list and start the process of nurturing prospective customers:

1 – PDF of valuable information

2 – Video series

3 – Webinar

4 – Samples of your product

5 – Free trial

6 – Helpful checklist

What transitional Call to Action do you or can you offer your prospective customers?